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  1. Bookmark
    As low as PKR 500.00
  2. Desk Planner
    Desk Planner
    As low as PKR 600.00
  3. Rothko Paper Weight
    Rothko Paper Weight
    As low as PKR 1,700.00
  4. Kahlo Notepad
    Kahlo Notepad
    As low as PKR 2,200.00
  5. Caravaggio Card Holder
    Caravaggio Card Holder
    As low as PKR 2,250.00
  6. Manet Pen Holder
    Manet Pen Holder
    As low as PKR 2,900.00
  7. Note Book
    Note Book
    As low as PKR 3,100.00
  8. OKeeffe Paper Dispenser
    OKeeffe Paper Dispenser
    As low as PKR 3,600.00
  9. Van Gogh Notepad
    Van Gogh Notepad
    As low as PKR 3,600.00
  10. Dali­ Tissue Box
    Dali­ Tissue Box
    As low as PKR 4,750.00
  11. Tissue Box Cover
    Tissue Box Cover
    As low as PKR 5,150.00
  12. Mondrian Leather Coasters
    Mondrian Leather Coasters
    As low as PKR 5,400.00

Items 1-12 of 40

Set Descending Direction

Enhance Your Professional Image with Jafferjees' Leather Work Accessories in Pakistan

Discover the finest leather work accessories in Pakistan by Jafferjees. Elevate your professional style and efficiency with our premium collection. From sleek document holders and laptop sleeves to executive portfolios and stationery organizers, our meticulously crafted accessories exude sophistication and functionality.

Each piece is designed to withstand the demands of a dynamic work environment, ensuring durability and timeless elegance. Trust Jafferjees to enhance your work experience with our unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Explore our exclusive range and embrace the epitome of style and professionalism.

Shop now and elevate your work accessories game with Jafferjees today!