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Just like the meticulous pursuit of quality, caring for those around us is a family value that has been passed down through the generations. We remain engaged both in the local and global community to ensure that we impact the world around us positively, in a sustainable way. Community is our foremost guiding principle. Integrity also plays a central role in our value system. Be it standing behind our product, or in the way we service our customers - corporate and personal integrity is paramount.


Jafferjees has been committed to supporting and assisting its employees and suppliers, as a strong company value. Our company policies are designed for our most important stake holders and we like to ensure:

  • A fair wage for each and every employee
  • Education allowance for two children for each employee
  • Hospital health coverage for each permanent employee and their families
  • Loan and grant programs for growth and personal development


Environmental stewardship is an important goal to us. Each decision is weighed with the lens to minimize our ecological footprint, or to mitigate any negative impact on the environment. It also places us in a position to influence the behaviour of our suppliers, by being more conscious of their actions. We achieve this goal in several ways:

  • By sourcing our leather from tanneries that are following global standards for waste water and chemical disposal.
  • By mainly using recycled paper for gift wrapping and packaging
  • By communicating electronically to reduce paper use and striving toward a paperless environment as part of our five-year goal


Our community building goals have upskilled our employees and have strengthened the business acumen - as well as capacity - of our suppliers. As a result, the positive impact of economic prosperity and increase in social consciousness has improved the quality of life of our whole ecosystem.

Education is at the core of our external outreach. Jafferjees supports various organizations that are working hard to ensure that underprivileged children in Pakistan receive a quality education. We believe that this is the only way to reduce poverty and help generational mobility.