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Structured For Work

Work Desk Accessories

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Category: Women

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  1. The Lilac
    The Lilac
    As low as PKR 3,800.00
  2. The Daisy
    The Daisy
    As low as PKR 4,350.00
  3. The Morina
    The Morina
    As low as PKR 4,400.00
  4. The Forget Me Not
    The Forget Me Not
    As low as PKR 5,150.00
  5. The Goldenrod
    The Goldenrod
    As low as PKR 5,250.00
  6. Birch (Small)
    Birch (Small)
    As low as PKR 5,900.00
  7. The Iris
    The Iris
    As low as PKR 6,000.00
  8. Duchess (Small)
    Duchess (Small)
    As low as PKR 7,000.00
  9. Birch (Large)
    Birch (Large)
    As low as PKR 7,250.00
  10. The Wristlet Wallet
    The Wristlet Wallet
    As low as PKR 7,500.00
  11. The Cosmos
    The Cosmos
    As low as PKR 7,850.00
  12. The Daffodil
    The Daffodil
    As low as PKR 7,900.00

Items 1-12 of 45

Set Descending Direction

Jafferjees' Work Desk Accessories for the Modern-Day Professionals

Jafferjees "Structured for Work" is a comprehensive collection of leather accessories designed to fulfill all the needs of a modern-day working professional. This category comprises a diverse range of products, including wallets, bags, laptop bags, office bags, desk accessories, and much more. The collection offers a timeless, classic, and elegant range of accessories suitable for both men and women.

Our collection is crafted with premium quality leather that offers durability, style, and sophistication. Each product is designed to cater to the practical requirements of the user while maintaining its style quotient. The bags are spacious, and ergonomic, and come with multiple compartments, making them perfect for carrying laptops, documents, and other work essentials. The desk accessories, on the other hand, provide an organized and elegant look to your workspace.

In summary, Jafferjees "Structured for Work" is a one-stop-shop for all your leather accessory needs that guarantee a professional, sleek, and stylish look.