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Out to Brunch

Leather Accessories by Jafferjees

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  1. Paris Keyring
    Paris Keyring
    As low as PKR 750.00
  2. Lahore Keyring
    Lahore Keyring
    As low as PKR 1,700.00
  3. Singapore Keyring
    Singapore Keyring
    As low as PKR 2,100.00
  4. Paris Wallet
    Paris Wallet
    As low as PKR 2,250.00
  5. The Lilac
    The Lilac
    As low as PKR 4,150.00
  6. The Morina
    The Morina
    As low as PKR 4,700.00
  7. The Forget Me Not
    The Forget Me Not
    As low as PKR 5,700.00
  8. The Wristlet Wallet
    The Wristlet Wallet
    As low as PKR 8,500.00
  9. The Tulip Bag
    The Tulip Bag
    As low as PKR 20,000.00
  10. The Bergenia Handbag
    The Bergenia Handbag
    As low as PKR 20,400.00

10 Items

Set Descending Direction

Unleash Your Inner Fashionista with Jafferjees' Out to Brunch Collection

Introducing the latest addition to Jafferjees' leather collection - the "Out to Brunch Collection". This collection is perfect for those who love to brunch in style! Made from premium leather, this collection includes stylish and functional handbags, clutches, and wallets that are perfect for any brunch outing.

The "Out to Brunch Collection" features a range of beautiful colors and textures to suit any style, from classic black to trendy pastels. The collection also includes a variety of sizes to accommodate all your essentials, including your phone, wallet, and makeup.

Upgrade your brunch game with Jafferjees' "Out to Brunch Collection". Browse our collection and shop now!